6440 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

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Dive Bar and Restaurant Riverside Ca.


Dive Bar and Restaurant Riverside CA. Which place do you think of when you say Dive Bar and Restaurant in Riverside, Ca? It’s The Sire Bar and Grill Restaurant. We’ve been serving customers for over 60 years under the same ownership.  The Sire Bar and Grill is exactly what you’re looking for in a dive bar and grill. OurRestaurant Bar and Grill cozy, friendly environment with signature cocktails, beer, and food specials every night of the week, that’s what keeps our customers coming back. We’re a great dive bar in Riverside, CA, and are proud of our amazing American menu. Where else in the city can you get a hearty meal of Top Sirloin for $10? But just because we’re a Dive Bar, doesn’t mean we can’t cook up a quality meal. That has stood the test of time. We have delicious healthy salads, our famous Sire burgers with all the toppings and our signature cocktails to complement your meal. We offer a variety of entrees: pork, beef, chicken, fish and even breakfast on the weekends. We have so many daily/nightly specials that no matter which day you visit, you can count on getting the most for your hard earned buck. Looking for a real deal? Try our Tacos Wednesdays, a mouth-watering taco for 75 cents. You will be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re searching for a Dive Bar and Restaurant in Riverside, CA, then the Sire Bar and Grill is your stop. You will definitely enjoy the casual atmosphere, friendly down-to-earth people, and a hearty meal for an affordable price. There are so many reasons to keep you coming back.